Thursday, August 7, 2008

I miss my computer

I was in Styers Market with my mother the other day when I came across a sign. "A Clean House is a Sign of a Broken Computer." Although I clean on a regular basis I find this comment true. I have done so much in the past few days that I am up in arms what to do with naptime. The good thing is I can just plop on the couch and cuddle with Maddie knowing that all my chores are done. Thanks to my sister, I have the coolest domestic toy to fool around with for a while. The Hoover Floormate! Oh is it heaven for any domestic godess such as myself. It scrubs you lenoleom, laminate, tile, any hardsurface really. Better yet it sweeps the floor first, washes, and then dries. I did all the hard surfaces last night and today I have intentions on doing my bathroom upstairs. So exciting I know. So once again I am sorry I have no pics howeer my wonderful husband is going to buy me a new computer once September rolls around. I have a feeling that this will make my like a whole heck of a lot more exciting, and'll finally have something to do at work (LOL). I miss all of you.

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