Friday, February 27, 2009

An Evening of Surprise!

So let me start explaining the story of these two fabulous men in my Life. Andrew and Brian. I guess you could say in my life right now Andrew would be considered Craig and I's namesake. He introduced us way back almost 10 years ago (hard to believe). We have been friends ever since. Brian is Andrews brother and they are a great package deal. I love him just as much as I do Andrew. We practically are an extension of each others family. I had the opportunity to have just Brian over for dinner. Well to my surprise I got Andrew as well. Both my boys at the dinner table, feeling like it was 10 years ago. I truly am blessed to have them still in my life today. My daughter adores them both. Mason is neutral with everyone, so passive. Here are a couple of shots I took. HHCC if you would please, but they aren't the best shots. I have been out of commission for a while. My white balance was set wrong and I know the focus is off some what too. Enjoy!

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