Friday, September 24, 2010

Lauren's Married!

Now forall of you who may know me, I am a hobbyist, aspiring photographer, with little background in the wedding aspect of photography. Not to say its a route that someday I don't wish to endeavor again, but this was truly a unique experience for me.

I have known The Castrantas family now for almost 12 years (god I'm old). They have always been my "other" family. The love and respect this family has for one another shows through and through. Lauren's wedding day was all of that and more! If one word could some up her day it would be that. Love. Love for Matt, and the love shared throughout the family, and their friends the entire night! Not a dry eye in the house, nor a filled seat the entire night! Everyone danced and celebrated the night away! Truly the BEST wedding I have ever been to! I just cannot get this day out of the back of my mind! Everyone was just.....happy. A joyful aura encompassed the whole entire day! From morning to night there were nothing but smiles all the way around!

Lauren, you were the most beautiful bride. I hope I captured as much of the love and joy that you and Matt share with one another. I am truly grateful for the opportunity.

Mark and Lorraine. Thank You for affording me the opportunity to be a big part of such a joyous day. Words cannot express how truly thankful I am. This truly was a day I will NEVER forget. I love you all from the bottom of my heart!

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