Tuesday, November 23, 2010

To Mason: On your 3rd Birthday

My Dearest Mason:

Wow! You are 3 (well not until 12:42, it's only 9:42). Words cannot even begin to describe how the past three years you have grown.

1. You have a passion to pick up anything and learn about it. Books, my iphone, this in particular is cars! Weather diecast or rubber you try to "salvage" everything! You love your cars.

2. You eat NOTHING. You are a very pick eater. You will not touch one vegatable but you love Chipotle Guacamole. Go figure. Mommy calls you "Riblet"

3. Both you and your sister have a love hate relationship. Your sister loves to instigate but you have now found yourself being the bully. Mommy not happy! You beat the heck out of one another.

4. Because of the above making friends can be hard for you. Good thing Ernie Baby sometimes likes a good battle because you two are beginning to grow into good friends. You are twice his size which is funny because I see Mommy and Sissy in the both of you.

4. You have come to use the potty with huge success! All you need is mommy to help you on and off! You are so proud of yourself and I couldn't be any more happier (Daddy's wallet is too)
5 You have comed to learn how to manipulate. Mommy inparticular. You misbehave and you play the "I'm Mommy's baby boy" card, which I can only blame my self for Lastly.

6. You LOVE your Mommy. Ever since day one you have always been a mommy's boy. You'd hear me when you were a baby and Nan would say your face would just light up! You now like to come up to me and say Mommy's baby boy, and be cuddled and held. Even though you are officially not "baby" boy anymore, you still are and always will be my baby boy (sniff).

Your Mommy now is a blubbery mess of tears!

Happy 3rd Birthday to my "Not-so-baby-anymore" boy Mason. I love you so much!

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OneMommy said...

What a cutie!

I am definitely tied around my little boy's finger. (He is 4.) They just melt a momma's heart!

Happy birthday to your son and you!